Cerro Hoya National Park - Panama

Panama - Darien National Park


Darien National Park is the largest national park in Panama - in fact, it is the largest national park in Central America! Darien National Park covers an astounding 579,000 hectares of land. It is located in the south end of the country and extends the length of the Colombian border. It became a national park in 1980 and a UNESCO World heritage Site in 1981 finally becoming a Biosphere Reserve in 1982


The park rises from the Pacific Coast to the top of the Cerro Tacarcuna mountain top - 1845 meters above the sea. Cerro Tacarcuna is the highest mountain in the park and is located in the Darién River Mountain Range close to the Caribbean Sea.

This mainly volcanic region is comprised of tropical rainforests with many rivers and streams. The incredible rainforest canopies range high above the forest floor and contains botanical wonders such as orchids and bromeliads. 450 species of birds have been recorded in Darien including many rare and endangered species.

Three pre -Colombian native groups live in Darién: the Kunas, who have traditional villages in the towns of Paya and Puculu at the foot of the sacred mountain Cerro Tacarcuna; the Emberà, traditional riverside inhabitants of the Choco, and the Wounaan, who are very close linguistically and culturally to the Emberà.

LOCATION: Darien National Park is located at the eastern end of the country in Darien Province along 90% of the Panama-Colombian border - 325 kilometers by road from Panama City

FACILITIES:Darien National Park's administrative facilities are located in Real de Santa Maria. There are three scientific stations besides the one at Cana. Te Cerro Pirre station, 14 kilometers from El Teal, can be reached on foot in the dry season and by canoe in the rainy season. The Cruce de Mono Station in the foothills of Cerro de Pirre can be reached by canoe as far as the village of Boca de Cupe , and from there it is couple of hours walk to the station. The Balsas Station is situated at the junction of the Rivers Balsas and Tucuti. The trip by canoe takes about 4 hours.

ACCESS: Darien Park can be reached by road as far as the town of Yaviza and from there by boat to El Real de Santa Maria. Your can fly into Cana Scientific Station.

ACCOMMODATION:in Real de Santa Maria and at the scientific station.